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Are you dealing with a Crazy Ex?

Welcome to another episode of True Love Knots with Maria Romano! Today, we are going to talk about the signs that you are dealing with a crazy ex. Tune in to learn how to handle this type of difficult situation.


[2:28] When a relationship is over, and there aren’t any kids, you usually don’t have to deal with an ex. But sometimes, the ex might still appear because they’re just the type of person that likes to claim. They want to cling to a relationship. It’s because there’s a little bit of animosity that can occur. People are sometimes still bitter from past relationships.

[3:45] The first thing is that you don’t want your children to be upon in a relationship. Or maybe you and your children are spending a quiet evening together. And before you know it, your ex comes over or calls because they know you’re spending time together. It’s all because of some animosity, jealousy, and insecurity.

[4:17] You can build a relationship with somebody, and your ex is doing these things. Maybe they’re calling a little too much. And they’re always calling when you’re spending time with somebody in your life that they feel could be somebody that’s going to be long term with you long term.

What Exes Feel

[4:43] Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. They’re probably feeling that you are replacing them. That’s why there was a divorce. There was a separation. But in the back of their mind, they might hope for a chance that maybe you would get back together with your ex-partner.

The Antics of a Crazy Ex

[5:08] There could be a bit of jealousy or animosity. Going back and reverting to being a child with that type of behavior, they want to destroy your relationship.

[5:39] The ex might then start fabricating specific stories. They might tell your partner that you are not responsible, especially when it comes to kids. Ex will then try to forge stories to destroy your relationship.

How to handle an Ex who is creating fabrications

[6:10] Take a deep breath. The ex is waiting for your reaction. And the best thing you can do is not to react at all. Take a step back and take a deep breath. And then just formulate your thoughts and sit down and talk to your partner.

[6:56] Have a conversation about it so that the both of you understand what’s going on because the other party doesn’t always see it the same way sometimes.

[7:36] Don’t have a conversation with your partner’s ex yourself because that is not your place. It’s the place of your partner. What you need to do is make sure that you try to set boundaries with your partner. So they understand what’s going on and make them aware that this is occurring.

The Ex will soon stop

[8:07] This will level out, and it takes time. Eventually, the X will go away, or they’ll stop pulling these antics. They’ll realize that it’s just not working because you’re still in the relationship. Know that the difference between an action and reaction is hesitation.

[8:35] Make sure you stay in control. When you do, you’re not allowing anyone to get the best of you, especially an ex.

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