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BabyBoomers highest divorce rate

In this episode, Maria shares how the generation of baby boomers has the highest rate of getting a divorce. Today you will find out the reason why baby boomers are getting a divorce.

Baby Boomers have the highest divorce rate


Maria shares that the generation of baby boomers are the highest rate of getting a divorce. Even though they have more wisdom, the reason behind getting a divorce because some men and women come to a point in their life that their relationship is just up, just not going to coast, not going to stay with it.

Finding who they are


Most baby boomers want to utilizing every second that they have and enjoying it to the fullest. If a marriage doesn’t make them happy, they will get a divorce, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to find a great partner. They want to go out, learn and spend time finding who they are.

Change is important


Many baby boomers have waited and hoped for our spouses to change, but we find out that’s never going to happen. The only way they change is when you change the way you think, and that’s the key thing with any relationship. What makes you think the person you’ve invested many years with is wishing and hoping thinking that they were going to change.

Working with your Ex


There are many boomers out there that are divorcing, and they are staying in business together. Money is important, but you should explain this setup if you have a new partner to avoid jealousy.

Connections with your ex-partner


Sometimes when we’ve had long-term relationships, we still rely on our ex. And if you’re out of a relationship, and you can cut the cord, and clean, and walk away, that’s the best thing to do.

Gray Divorce


Baby boomers have the highest divorce rate because they tolerate things. They were not enduring what we used to handle, than millennials and younger are taking their time in relationships. They’re taking the time to find out if they’re compatible, then they move in together. They cohabitate, and they have a family, and then they decide to get married.

Don’t Rush to find new partner


Don’t rush into the next relationship just because you’re getting older. Take your time, take your time finding somebody that’s the right person for you. If you are going through a breakup, take the time to nourish yourself. Find out what you want in your next relationship. Most of all, spend time getting to know who you are.

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