One of the most joyful events we can enjoy is recognizing the arrival of new members into our families. There have been welcoming ceremonies for new family members in almost every culture and country, whether by birth or adoption. Accepting our obligations to our children is one of the most important promises we can make.

The delight of welcoming a child into your family is a beautiful experience. The joy you feel when you become parents to a new life in the world is incredible.
These important elements usually symbolize this ceremony ~
Welcome: This child is being welcomed into a family by his or her loved ones. The child is greeted by his or her parents, godparents, family, and friends.
Love: The child will learn to live Love based on what he or she receives throughout his or her life. Everyone who attends the celebration pledges to assist the youngster in reaching his or her full potential. They will empower the child to take charge of his or her life and grow toward responsibility by sharing their greatest traits with him or her.
Assurance: During the ceremony, we pledge to be there for the child, always using Love as guidance.
Would you like to explore your family’s heritage and customs for this blessed event? Or maybe you already have something in mind? We are delighted to be able to support you in your endeavor.
Maria and her team can provide you and your family with a memorable ceremony.