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Busy Professional and no time to date

In this episode, Maria will be talking about how to date when you are a professional person who has a busy schedule, but you want somebody in your life. She will be giving some tips on how to fit dating when you have a busy schedule.

Standout Quotes:

  • “Check your dating apps twice a day.”
  • “Dates don’t necessarily have to be in the evening.”
  • “Be present and be engaged so you can meet people.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Schedule your calendar by setting the time to check on your dating apps. Set a 15-minute timer to look at profiles who matched with you and take the time to talk with these people.
  • In order to fit dates in your schedule, try having breakfast or lunch dates.
  • If you are actively seeking for someone, you should get out to different networking groups and different meetups.

Episode Timeline:

[1:03] What Do You Really Want?

[1:51] Making Time to Meet Someone Online

[2:46] Taking It Offline

[4:26] How to Counteract being Tired

[4:57] Going Out

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