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Cayman For Your Wedding

Welcome to True Love Knots with Maria Romano. Today, we are going to talk about getting married in the Cayman Islands. If you want to get married outside of the state, the Cayman Islands is the perfect destination! But there are still certain things that you should know before planning your wedding in the Caymans. Maria will share what you need to know before you get married in the Cayman Islands! Stay Tuned!

Standout Quotes:

· “More and more couples are choosing to go to the islands because it isn’t as crowded.”

· “You want to find resorts that are all-inclusive.”

· “Double-Check what the licensing requirements are.”

Key Takeaways:

· Many couples choose to get married in the Cayman Islands because it isn’t crowded, especially in the light of the pandemic.

· Find an inclusive resort so that it is more affordable for any of your guests who want to come to your wedding and celebrate.

· If you want to get married legally in the Cayman Islands, you must bring a passport or a state ID license.

Episode Timeline:

[00:26] The Cayman Islands

[01:17] Top Three Resorts in the Cayman Islands

[02:10] Are Destination Weddings Expensive?

[02:53] Things to Remember when traveling outside the States

[03:20] Double-Check the Licensing Requirements

[04:04] Double-Check the Resort

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