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Dating and Children

In this episode, Maria shares some tips regarding dating when you have kids and knowing the right time and what to tell them. Today you will find out how what it’s like to date when you have kids.

Dating when you have kids.


Dating when you have children can be challenging. It’s not easy because you’re always torn. Your children should come first, especially if they’re living at home and children are very important. You know of your life, your relationship, especially when you’re single, as we get a little older, in life, you know, we’re going to have more experiences, and some of us will be married once, twice, three times.

Kids are always involved.


You need to date in a way that will be the best way for you and your family. You must get to know that person, especially if they don’t have kids. They don’t need to meet everybody you’re dating.

Blending two families.


Maria shares when she was growing up when you’re blending two families, it’s hard. You tend towards being more cautious and you can’t help it. Make your stepchild feel that they are the first responsibility. Children are fragile. They’re fragile. Don’t let anyone kid you. There is favoritism. There’s the other side to that when you are watching someone else’s children; you’re overseeing them.

Kids are the top priority.


Children come first now. Make sure you’re always reassuring your children that you love them. You want them to be a good role model. So when you get out in the dating world and have children, you want to make sure you are meeting somebody who will be good.

Get along with your family.


You don’t want your family to feel alienated by the new person in your life. You want to make sure you bring whoever into your life who will blend that they like being around family. They’re not going to take the place of your children.

Explaining the assets.


If you both have assets, or one of you has more assets, protect yourself. Make sure there’s some legal contract drawn up that both of you sign. God forbid something happens. You don’t want to be put out on the street right away. Just protect yourself, and that and you’re protecting the other person as well. They’re certainly not going to be able to give you what you need in a relationship.

Reminding your kids that they are important.


Children need to know that their parent is there for them. You don’t want them to feel insecure. If you don’t have children, and you’re dating someone, you want to make that child feel that way too. Tell them a bit about that person, share with them why they’re important.

Ask them to embrace your partner.


Don’t stop yourself from dating, especially if you have children at home. Whoever you bring into your world can also enhance your children’s life. It just takes a little time getting people to accept one another. And once you move along, and as the relationship progresses, you’d be surprised how children come around.

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