Find the Perfect Plus One
From the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Find the Perfect Plus OneFrom the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Find the Perfect Plus OneFrom the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Discover The Perfect True Love Knots Program For You!

Maria has created unique dating coaching programs to fit where you are in your personal journey.

Whether you'd like to work with her one on one, prefer to take an online video program, or be part of a group class with others in your peer group - helping you find the perfect plus one is always the goal. Each program includes practical advice, interactive exercises, and life changing affirmations.

Find Your True North

Book a 1-on-1 session with the Minister of Love, Maria Romano. It's easy to get lost in the dating world when you don't know how to navigate this "new" world. What truths and desires do you hold onto? In this 7-step guided session, here's what we'll cover: 
  • Pin Drop: Where Are We Now? 
  • Visualize: What Are We Seeking in a Relationship?
  • Choose a Path: What websites and dating apps work best for me? 
  • Set Up Camp: Together, we'll work on setting up your dating profiles.
  • Looks That Kill: We'll choose the best pictures to share online.
  • SOS: Discuss red flags.
  • Vetting Process: What are ways we can make sure that person is right for us? 

$97 $250

Reignite The Passion Coaching Call

Do you and your beloved need to spark the fire in your relationship? Save hundreds on counseling and book a session with Maria Romano! This coaching call takes place via Zoom and will be broken into 3 sessions: the first call is with myself, you and your partner, then I'll have a call 1-on-1 call with each of you individually, and finally, we will all reconvene for a final 30 minute session to discuss tactics you can put into practice right away to reignite the passion in your relationship! Here's what we'll cover:
  1. Committing Completely - Going beyond trust, loyalty and faithfulness. Explore how can we be our partner's biggest cheerleader and not their biggest critic - and the best ways to support each other.
  2. Clear Communication - Learning to actively listen and not just selectively listen. We'll discuss reading cues like tone, body language, and more.
  3. Courageously Being Brave - Learning to speak up, especially in hard times. Our ability to initiate difficult conversations can make or break a relationship. Learn how we to adopt a courageously brave mindset.

$97 $250

Special One on One Coaching

While all the True Love Knots programs are personalized, working with Maria one-on-one can more precisely help you based on exactly what you're looking for, specific challenges you are facing, and dealing with the realities of late in life dating.

Plus One Online Masterclass

With the current COVID19 pandemic, we are doing our part in staying inside & self-isolating. Now valid until the lockdown is lifted, our foundational program in finding the perfect plus one is on sale for $19.19.

About the course: This powerful online masterclass includes guided worksheets, easy practical steps, & consultation with Minister of Love, Maria Romano. The "Plus One" Masterclass focuses on 4 areas:

  • Be Yourself â€“ How can we be our most authentic selves online? 
  • Love Yourself â€“ Learn the life changing practice of loving yourself.
  • Rock Yourself – Step into & own your power. 
  • Launch Yourself â€“ Time to put yourself out there! We’ll learn best practices in online dating.


Find True Love Group

Find True Love Online Group - There's often comfort in numbers and knowing there are others going through their own version of the "finding true love" journey can be helpful. In this small group environment, we'll cover daily tips, dive into worksheets together, and put daily affirmations to use in a powerful way!


Go from Just One to the Perfect Plus One!

Go from Just One to the Perfect Plus One!

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