Dating During the Pandemic

KTNV Channel 13 recently did a story on True Love Knots and they said it best, “it’s a really bad time to be single.”. With social distancing and mandatory government shutdowns in full effect, being single for a lot of people means being alone. Luckily dating coach Maria Romano has some tips on how to connect with potential lovers via the internet.

She recommends taking this time to enhance yourself and your online dating profile so you can attract the right person. Things like choosing a profile picture that expresses something unique about you and making sure all of your interests are listed go along way as well.


She suggests watching the same movie at your homes while FaceTiming and pausing the movie after certain scenes to discuss them. She also recommends just talking and getting to know each other over webcam as a first date. She admonishes people to be aware of their surroundings and to make sure they look presentable during the video.

True Love Knots client Suzanne Asay claims, “I was like oh my gosh, I’m not feeling lonely, but I feel like alone” during this time in quarantine. She has enlisted the help of Romano and has been very happy with the results. She feels that online dating has removed a lot of the pressure of meeting someone new. She says,”I think that’s what really kind of made me feel comfortable about doing it. Because I can say easily, I’d really like to talk to you more.”


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