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Dating someone that is separated

How do you feel about dating someone who is separated or going through a divorce? In this episode, Maria will talk about dating someone that is separated.

Dating someone that’s separated


When you’re dating somebody that’s separated, it just depends upon the circumstances. If somebody is separated, you might feel that a profile is worth it. So you’re going to reach out and you’re going to pursue a conversation and maybe go on a date.


How do you feel about dating somebody that is separated? If there are kids involved and you have extended family, sometimes it’s best to not date when you’re separated.


You need to experience different people. You need to figure out what’s going to work for you, and what isn’t. So if you are going out with somebody that’s separated, and it’s working for you, kudos to you, you’re a bigger person than most people.


If you’re dating somebody that is separated, as long as you feel comfortable in that relationship, and you feel like you’re you, this is something for you, and they’re going to move forward, that’s great.


Date somebody that’s not committed to someone else. Date somebody that doesn’t have any loose strings that need to be tied up. You want to date somebody where they don’t have that rain cloud hanging over their head.

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