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Dysfunctional Detoxing

Sometimes the type of person that you are attracting is because of something that was lacking in your childhood. In this episode, Maria will talk about why do you keep on attracting the wrong individual in your life.

Why you keep attracting the wrong individual


For example, you were married to somebody and you were attracted to them because you thought that they had some great work ethic. They were just dedicated to their position and you got married and then you live together. Then after a while, you got a little resentful because work came first. So you parted ways, you went out again and you attracted somebody else the same thing. You met somebody that was always the life of the party. You liked that when you started settling down with him or her, they were always the life of the party. Maybe they drank too much. Maybe they took drugs, whatever the case might be. You divorce, you partied ways. Now you’re out there in the dating world and you attract somebody else who has the same traits.


You really need to start peeling back the layers as to why. There are some great books about attachment theory and things like that that read about.


You really need to dig deep and recognize, are you the type of person that maybe you are an enabler, you allow people to have their vices and you shrug it off. Or maybe you think because you’re getting older, you’re not going to find anybody better.

Going through the process


Write down your past relationships and write down what attracted you to each individual. From there, then write down what you didn’t like about that individual after you were in the relationship for a while.


Also, take a look at the red flags that were staring right at you in your face. They were there all along. After that, take a look, step back and think about what you could have done differently and the relationship. Maybe it was avoiding the red flags and maybe not staying in the relationship.


If you keep attracting the wrong individual, that’s when you need to take a look and take a deep breath. That’s where you need to maybe look at your profile.


Evaluate where you’re at in life and look at all those past relationships on what you could have done differently because maybe not all of them were the same. Maybe there were people in your life that you met that really were going to be great for you, but you walked away, or those red flags were steering you right out in the face.


This is not an easy process. But you need to really dig deep and understand why you keep attracting that wrong person. And as soon as you do, don’t just say to yourself, this is the only type of person that I’m going to be attracting. Stop right there. Remember you are the prize. There is nobody like you.

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