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Find The Perfect Match For Your Life With Emily Lauren Burg of Hey baby dating app

Dating services and apps can improve their reputation by attracting new customers. You probably use online dating services, regardless of your feelings about them. The convenience of meeting and connecting with like-minded people outweighs any potential disadvantages. However, being on the dating app when you already have a family or kids can be frustrating. Tune in as Emily of Hey baby dating app shares the platform’s features and how you can find the perfect match for your life.

Standout Quotes:

  • “I discovered chaplaincy and realized that this is an opportunity to bring skills and interests to the medical team and be doing the work that I’m most drawn to. Not research, not analysis, not being in a lab, not something clinical or diagnostic, but being of service to people when they’re in crisis.” [Emily]
  • “Dating apps are highway robbery, and you’re going to have to pay a very high-level price to just be on the dating app, in the hopes of finding somebody good in an era when there’s no real incentive to commit” [Emily]
  • “We’ve created a platform that understands that there are these interesting overlapping needs. between people who have kids and who don’t have kids.” [Emily]

Key Takeaways:

  • Like the rest of those looking for love online, Emily has been a regular user of dating applications. These methods provide individuals with options, but there are no guidance, counseling, support, or resources to help people form good relationships. 
  • Emily is employed at an investment bank, where she excels at her position. In the mid-30s and contemplating a career change, she considered enrolling in medical school. However, throughout the night classes she’s currently taking, she felt the difficulty and was confused if this was the right career path.
  • Every part of our lives is now gamified, and every action we take is rewarded. It is especially true when it comes to dating apps. As a result, dating apps are built to keep you there. And they keep you, thereby providing you with as many possibilities as possible, often as many bad ones, to foster the belief that there will always be someone else.

Episode Timeline:

[01:28] All about the guest Emily Lauren Burg

[05:51] Career Choice

[08:03] Dating Apps: Gamified and Rewards

[12:41] Hey Baby Dating App

[16:36] Hey Baby App Founders

[19:37] App Navigation

[24:40] Emily’s Favorite Song

[25:18] The Last Book Emily Read: Less by Andrew Sean Greer

[26:19] The Dream Vacation


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