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When you start dating again after experiencing deep grief, it’s a journey that requires self-reflection and resilience. What does it mean to move forward without completely letting go? It’s not about forgetting; it’s about finding happiness amidst the complexities of life after loss. In this episode, Nicky explores the difficulties of dating after losing a loved one. She discusses the importance of finding a balance between moving forward and honoring the past, navigating the special connection between widows and widowers, and seeking meaningful relationships that go beyond casual encounters.


Standout Quotes:

“I realized that nobody understands me as a widow. It hit me that there must be a dating app for widows and widowers, as we are uniquely placed to understand each other’s profound loss and journey.” [Nicky]

“Dating divorced or married men, I felt a lack of connection. Widows and widowers share a unique bond born from the profound loss we’ve experienced. I knew there had to be a better way for us to find understanding and companionship.” [Nicky]

“As widows, we never move on; we move forward. It’s a delicate balance of putting ourselves out there while respecting the loss and honoring the past, seeking joy in a way that Andy would have wanted.” [Nicky]

“I started this out of necessity because Tinder wasn’t giving me what I needed. I didn’t want a casual hookup; I wanted a semi-meaningful relationship. It’s about finding connection without rushing someone into my world.” [Nicky]


Key Takeaways:

Take time to reflect on your emotional readiness for dating after a loss. Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting, but finding a balance between honoring the past and embracing new connections.

When dating someone who has lost their spouse, communicate openly and respect important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. Create a supportive environment that considers the challenges of grief.

Be clear about your expectations and intentions when entering the dating scene. Understand the difference between casual connections and meaningful relationships. Communicate openly with potential partners to ensure shared goals.

Recognize the unique understanding widows and widowers have. Explore connections within this community and appreciate the empathy that comes from shared loss.

Reflect on your life’s purpose and find alignment for a fulfilling existence.


Episode Timeline:

[00:59] How did Nicky meet her husband?

[09:11] What was Nicky’s experience like when she reentered the dating world?

[12:26] How did Nicky respond after trying modern dating sites?

[15:22] How is Feng Shui related to finding new love?


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