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Are you feeling unsure about where your life is heading, especially as you get older? As a woman who’s juggled many roles over the years, you might find yourself with more time but less direction. But you’re not alone—many women feel this way. Join Maria and Penny on the True Love Knots Podcast as they chat about the ups and downs of aging, ways to stay confident and happy as you grow older, the importance of having supportive friends, chasing your dreams, and much more!


Standout Quotes:


  • “We all deserve to be finding ourselves again, or finding and providing and giving of ourselves in a different way or from a way that we had maybe forgotten along the way.”
  • “I think with age comes wisdom that we are most of us are realizing that, you know, it’s more way more important to be giving and loving and real authentic with each other.”
  • “I think when we lift each other, we feel good. It’s good all the way around.”


Key Takeaways:


  • As they age, women experience many changes and transitions, such as empty nesting, menopause, and rediscovering their passions, but finding community and sharing experiences can help with these changes.
  • To stay fulfilled and engaged in life, it’s important to make time for self-care, joy, and pursuing dreams at any age.
  • Maintaining gratitude, and optimism, and remembering childhood dreams and goals can motivate during challenging times.


Episode Timeline:

[00:02] Introducing the guest

[01:25] A Career in the Wine Industry

[04:03] Finding Purpose And Joy In Life

[11:47] Aging Body And Confidence Among Women

[17:18] Women are Leaders

[18:56] Keeping Joy In life

[23:22] Mental State In Order


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