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In this episode of the True Love Knots, our guest is Briana Carroll. Briana is the owner and founder of Sky Luna Spaces, which is the first and only co-working space with a preschool in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sky Luna Space provides both a co-working space for parents and a curriculum-based preschool for their young children. She also coaches women entrepreneurs on managing a business and family successfully. Today, Briana shares the root of how she built Skyluna Space, how she started and built out the business, the services it offers to working parents, and tips for balancing work, parenting and self-care.

Standout Quotes:

  • “The best things that come to market are things that there’s a very large need for.”[Briana]
  • “ If you want something bad enough, you will figure it out.”[Briana]
  • I built out the entire space from scratch. We literally broke down every single wall, tore out the floor and the ceiling and everything, and completely redid it. So it was a huge undertaking, but we did it, and it’s just such a great place for parents to connect.[Briana]
  • “ Predominantly, our moms don’t want to be away from their children. They don’t feel comfortable dropping them off somewhere else and want to be a part of their day.[Briana]
  • “Give yourself grace. Give yourself a free pass, and be flexible with your schedule, just like you improvised.”[Maria]
  • “You can work in the workspace or simply just drop off. Most of our parents do a mixture of both.”[Briana]
  • “Our teachers are very compassionate, sweet, and caring. A lot of them are young and don’t have their own kids, so they for sure love them like their own, and they just enjoy teaching them and seeing them grow.”[Briana]
  • If you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s very hard to take care of anyone else.[Briana]

Key Takeaways:

  • Briana owns the first co-working space with a preschool in Las Vegas.
  • Briana Carroll started Sky Luna Spaces to address working parents’ struggle to balance work and childcare.
  • Having a vision is essential, even if you start small, and surrounding yourself with the right team can help bring your vision to life.
  • Safety, licensing regulations, and creating a nurturing environment are important considerations for a childcare business.
  • Taking care of your own self-care and mental well-being is key to caring for others.
  • Skyluna is open for franchising to expand and build to more locations.

Episode Timeline:

[1:26] Who is Briana Carroll?

[4:33] What does Briana think to help her become successful while raising her child?

[7:30] How does Briana start to build her vision?

[9:05] Where is Skyluna located?

[9:53] How did Briana come up with her company’s name, Skyluna?

[11:33] What are the services that Skyluna offers?

[12:41] Why is Skyluna perfect for parents who want to be part of their child’s learning experience?

[15:15] How does Skyluna operate?

[17:07] What can be the future of the Skyluna?

[18:25] Does Skyluna have a space for working parents?

[20:44] How does Briana keep her peace of mind and get everything done?

[23:00] Briana’s offers Women and Mothers


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