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Wedding ceremonies mark the beginning of a journey towards building a strong, lifelong relationship. The preparation for it involves understanding each other’s needs, values, and expectations, laying a solid foundation for a successful partnership. Prioritizing communication, trust, and mutual respect can help couples navigate challenges together and foster a lasting bond filled with love and understanding. In this episode of the True Love Knots Podcast, Maria is joined by Rev. Orsella Hughes, and they will be talking about the importance of premarital counseling, keeping the spark alive in marriage, and much more!


Standout Quotes:

  • “Authentic authenticity begets authenticity.”
  • “Marriage is a daily journey that evolves as you break down barriers.”
  • “To whom much is given, much is required.”
  • “You cannot live your life always as a recipient; you must give, you must be a blessing, you must serve other people.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Make authenticity a priority in your relationships and business by staying true to who you are.
  • Reflect on your “why” – your core values and purpose in relationships – to guide you during challenging times.
  • Prioritize regular date nights and vacations with your spouse to continuously strengthen your emotional and spiritual connection.
  • Consider investing in premarital counseling to build a strong foundation for your marriage and set clear expectations.


Episode Timeline:

[00:03] Introducing the guest

[01:07] Becoming a wedding officiant and pastor

[02:54] Premarital counseling and marriage planning

[08:58] Finding the right officiant

[13:21] Authenticity and public speaking

[20:54] The importance of a personalized approach

[25:33] Philanthropy and community service


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