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Ladies you need to make the first move

We are accustomed to living in a world where guys always make the first move, and often, girls play the waiting game – but gone are those days. We live in a modern dating world now were meeting your prince charming is just at your fingertips – through dating apps! But let us face it, there are still so much double standards when it comes to dating. Women are still afraid of making the first move when it comes to dating. Maybe because no one’s ever taught us how to do it properly? Worry no more! Today, Maria takes our A-game to a different level and encourages women to make the first move with some online dating tips women should live by.

Scan Through Your Matches


Look at dating sites like networking events. If you go to a networking event, what do you do? You do not hang around with just the people you know. You work the room, especially if you are going to meet somebody—the same analogy when you are on a dating site. Go through the matches and read gentlemen’s profiles, and then make a comment about it.


When you are on a dating site, it is imperative that you are looking to meet somebody. You must go through the profiles. You cannot expect men always to make the first move. Look at your picture and message. It does not always work that way.

Complete Your Dating Profile Information – Don’t Skip Anything!


Men are very visual. Men will look at your picture, and that picture must capture their attention, grab their attention, so they will read the profile.


Women are also visual, but we take time to look at the gentleman’s profile. We want to learn a little bit more about that individual.


If somebody does not complete their dating profile, they are not at all interested. When it comes to your dating profile, you must complete all the sections.

Allot Time to Examine a Probable Match’s Profile and Interests


Start by looking at the different profiles. Look at your matches. Every dating site will send you 10-15 matches a day. So go through them and read their profiles and send messages to people you find interesting.


Find a commonality with someone as if you are going through an interview process. The same thing applies when it comes to the dating world. There are no great secrets to capturing somebody. The key is to clarify and know what you want to see what you are looking for.

Take Up the Courage and Make the First Move


A dating site is just an introduction. That’s all it is; it’s just an introduction to meet somebody. When you reach out to a person, some people respond, and some will not, and that is okay. So, when they do, then you can start your dialogue.


A dating site is just an introduction when you want to meet somebody. That is all it is.

When you reach out to a person, some people respond, and some will not, and that is okay. So, when they do, then you can start your dialogue.


Sometimes you must look beyond the picture and have that phone call. That phone call will be one of the first moves to determine if you want to meet that individual.


Take advantage of the different sites you are on. When you are out and about in public, go up to somebody and introduce yourself to them.

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