Living Happily Ever After

living happily

Do you date your spouse? Well, you should! This is a key to living happily ever after.

Couples who have been married or in a long-term relationship should make sure they are spending quality time with each other. This is not to be mistaken with quantity. We all get caught up in the business of our daily life. When we are juggling work, children, activities it is easy to push aside your relationship with someone you live with. We take for granted that they are always there with us. Couples need to make their relationship is a priority. There are three things you can do to increase your date nights with your partner. Set a goal to do these three things with your partner at a minimum of every two weeks:

Set aside three or four hours with each other. Put away the electronics. This means no devices. We survived without cell phones, tablets, computers, etc., we can manager for a few hours.

Plan time to do an activity with each other. Maybe play miniature golf, take a run/walk together, play a board game, cook a meal together. Avoid going to see a movie or show. Your date night should be interactive so that you take time to engage with one another. Be playful with each other. We sometimes forget how we use to play with each other tease, laugh, and just have fun.

Spend one date night in the bedroom. If you want to rent a hotel room to avoid the distractions of home, do that. Spend time together being intimate. This is important no matter what age. Even if you just hold hands, cuddle, or kiss, spend time being intimate with your partner.

Report Cards

Yes, we all despise evaluations, but they are necessary for growth in any relationship. When you realize you are in a rut with your partner and you keep disagreeing, maybe it is time to hand out report cards. Rate each other on a scale of 1 to10. 10 being the best score. This is not an invitation to be critical to one another and berate each other. The same way you are rating your partner, rate yourself. We are not perfect, so be receptive to what your partner is saying. If you come to this exercise with a willingness to change, you will end up living happily ever after as you always wished.

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