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Maria Romano Monday Night Feng Shui

In this episode, our special guest is Kate. Maria knows Kate when her daughter went to St. Biters and they’re about the same age. Her mom is an astrologer and a functional expert. Three years ago she quit her corporate job. The set salary, income, everything, and said she’s going to launch her practice.

3 Tips of what you can do at home


The first tip is really to take a critical eye and look at your home. Does your home say, I want a relationship? Now, whether you’re in a relationship or you’re not. Cause you could be in a relationship but have a lot of signs around the house that you don’t want a relationship. So look at your home and think, is your home set up, and is it telling the universe, I want a relationship and ways that the home would say that.


The last thing I’ll say about, are we telling the home that we want our relationship would be how much stuff do you still have from your ex in your home. Get rid of that stuff. Give yourself permission to let go of the past, to allow yourself to move forward.


The second thing we’re going to talk about is the front door. The front door is all about opportunity. That’s where the energy enters the home. And so we want it to be a pretty seamless process. That’s where opportunity finds you.


So addressing the front doors, putting out the thoughts, the intentions, the manifestation that I want people to start showing up for me. And the last tip that it’s going to be about the relationship corner. Stand at your front door looking into the home. Look to the farthest back right corner of the home. So it might be a kitchen. It could be a bathroom. It could be a closet. So the farthest back wall, the home in the back right corner, is what we consider the relationship corner. And what happens here is extremely important.


Make sure everything’s in working order in that area and elevate anything that’s there.

What does Kate do


What she’s doing is she’s just giving you a vision of what you can do to bring all the right and proper energy into your life.


Understanding that your natal chart and where your Venus sits. Because Venus rules love. Venus might sit on another planet other than your sun sign. So even just learning about your Venus, what you look for in love, how do you give love, there can be a lot of self-awareness that happens with that. It is also another tool for helping you understand what you’re looking for and what would be best suited for you.

Mystery person


He’s not committal. And he comes around every so often. Not all the time. And that’s a red flag.


You got to open your mind which is maybe you switch it around for a little while. You might put that little picture there and two other things maybe alongside it, and you put the big picture over there.


There are just some things that are not negotiable that happens when you get married at 18, you really realize that there are certain things that you do not compromise in a relationship.

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