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Monday Night First Date

In today’s episode, Maria Romano talks about love and dating. Take to heart the lessons she shares and is gifting to you! And become a wiser, more in-the-know dater so you can find the lifelong love you seek.

[3:03] First Date

Maria shares her tips when you are going out for the first date. She mentioned to make sure it must be safe, and it must be in public. Dating is a getting to know the stage, and it is like an interview process. Just relax and have fun.

[3:45] How do you know he’s the one?

Relationships take time to develop, and sometimes you must allow the watering to stick its level. Don’t always conform or try to get an answer from somebody. Leave it open-ended. You never know sometimes; one person might not be too sure about you. You might be sure about them, but they may not be sure of you. Give them time.

[4:56] After you go home from a date.

Maria mentioned, Do not text. Let it lie, let it lie and just let it live. And leave it at that way to do there’s nothing that says you can’t wait a day. It is not about playing games; it is allowing yourself to breathe.

[7:15] You don’t want to bombard somebody right away after you meet them. You can reach out to somebody a day later, but don’t keep texting them.

[8:20] Attraction and anxiety

If you’re anxious or you’d like to detach, you need to have that secure person, a person that’s grounded and knows who they are. So don’t allow this anxiety to overcome situations, especially in the early parts of dating.

[13:44] When you start to date, someone doesn’t get overly anxious or don’t get a big call, detachment, or anxiety. Try to be the person that has that secure attachment within yourself.

[15:21] Ghosting

If you are no longer interested in that person, and they reach out to you, tell them and say it. Choose your words nicely; choose your words carefully.

“Love is celebrating together and celebrating happiness, just celebrating family times.”

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