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Monday Night What is your dating plan

In this episode, Maria talks about tactics and moves when it comes to dating. Do you have a roadmap? And what is your game plan for finding love?

Emails from Clients


She has this guy called Joe, whom she met three years ago. However, she realized that they don’t seem to be moving past plans, whether they’re going to live together or get married.


According to Maria, when you met a person early on, both of you should have talked about where you expect the relationship to go. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to plan when you’re going to get married on a first, second, or third date. But by the time you get intimate for the first time, you may be six months into the relationship. Do you need to know what the hell is going on? And if somebody refuses to broach the subject, there could be a few things going on in their life.


Another letter was from Josh. He met this gal, and they’ve been dating for a while. He said that they seem to have much fun together, but she keeps pushing him away whenever he tries to get into the mud. He asked her what’s wrong, and she says, she’s not ready.


Maria says that they need to sit down and have an intimate conversation about intimacy. If you love her, whether she’s good or not, you’re going to want to wind up staying with her personal story.


Maria was married for 33 years. In the year 2012, her husband passed away.


Maria made every mistake you can think of, and for many first dates she went on, she came home with crocodile tears. As a result of those couple of years of floundering, she now has three questions. Before she goes on a first date with anybody, those three questions are, have you ever been arrested and convicted for murder? Have you ever been abducted by aliens? And have you owned an assault weapons rifle? Maria finally realized that she needed a coach.


Maria realized to develop a game plan and a roadmap of how to find love again.

Roadmap / Game plan


The first thing is knowing who you are and knowing what you want.


Take the time and write down three to four ideas of what you want in a relationship and things that are your deal-breakers.


The second thing you need to do is make sure you truly love yourself—roots to boots. No matter what size you are, no matter what shape you are. It doesn’t matter where you’re at financially, economically, whatever it is.


Find yourself a dating coach. Find yourself a good dating coach, somebody that is another set of eyes, and be honest with them.

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