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Officiant attire

In this episode, Maria will talk about the wedding officiant’s big day. What you need to know and what to wear when you perform wedding ceremonies.

What should you wear?


You definitely do not want to outshine the couple. And you don’t want to clash with the couple. What I recommend is making sure that you look professional. You need to walk into that room and people need to know that you’re facilitating that event because when people lay their eyes on you, they’re going to be looking to you for direction. And if you do not appear as if you’re in charge, you’re not going to get the same attention.


The focus must be on the couple, not on the officiant. And my rule of thumb is I wear black, and I live in Las Vegas, it can get quite hot here. However, as soon as I walk into the room, people know who I am. And that’s what you need to be able to do. And that’s the presence, you need to make sure that everybody feels because, at the end of the day, you’re the person that is kicking off this couple’s special day.


Make sure you do not wear anything that’s gaudy. Maybe you might be doing a wedding on the beach. I understand you might be wearing sandals, you might wear some linen again, make sure you look well-groomed. Don’t overdo it ladies on the makeup, and the lipstick, and the nails.


If you do have tattoos, keep them covered. Just because there are some people that think that they’re a little too colorful.

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