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Physical Disabilities

In this episode of True Love Knots, Maria will talk about how to make a comfortable wedding ceremony for people with physical disabilities. It’s a challenge for people with disabilities to go to certain events because of their circumstances. But there is no reason for them to experience the love and joy of a wedding ceremony. So as a wedding organizer, do your best to make them comfortable in any way you can! Tune in to this episode to learn more!

Standout Quotes:

  • “It’s when you don’t ask that sometimes, you’re not doing the right thing.”
  • “As you go through life, be a little bit more observant. When you speak to somebody that’s maybe in a wheelchair, don’t look down on them.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t hesitate or be afraid to ask the couple if one or both of them have a physical disability.
  • Make the wedding comfortable for everyone, especially for the couple.
  • Be observant, and don’t look down on any with a physical disability.

Episode Timeline:

[01:14] Introducing The Topic About People With Physical Disabilities

[2:52] Maria shares a story of forming a comfortable wedding ceremony

[5:15] Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

[5:40] Maria shares a story of a blind couple’s wedding ceremony

[7:16] Maria’s announcement format before starting a wedding ceremony

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