Reignite the Passion Coaching Call


Do you and your beloved need to spark the fire in your relationship? Save hundreds on counseling and book a session with Maria Romano! This coaching call takes place via Zoom and will be broken into 3 sessions: the first call is with myself, you and your partner, then I’ll have a call 1-on-1 call with each of you individually, and finally, we will all reconvene for a final 30 minute session to discuss tactics you can put into practice right away to reignite the passion in your relationship! Here’s what we’ll cover:
  1. Committing Completely – Going beyond trust, loyalty and faithfulness. Explore how can we be our partner’s biggest cheerleader and not their biggest critic – and the best ways to support each other.
  2. Clear Communication – Learning to actively listen and not just selectively listen. We’ll discuss reading cues like tone, body language, and more.
  3. Courageously Being Brave – Learning to speak up, especially in hard times. Our ability to initiate difficult conversations can make or break a relationship. Learn how we to adopt a courageously brave mindset.



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