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Should get married

In this episode, Maria will talk about are you in the right relationship to get married. If marriage could be for you, or marriage might not be for you.

Standout Quotes:

  • “It’s important that you really take a step back from your relationship if you’re ready to get to the next level and you want to get married.”
  • “Take your time before you decide to get married to make a legal commitment.”
  • “Just because you’re in a relationship and you decide to get married, you might have some assets, don’t leave everything up to your heirs to take care of. Make sure you have everything in order.”

Key Takeaways:

  • When couples get married, 50% ends up in divorce.
  • Consider spending time with a person to see how they react when things are going well or when they encounter a major obstacle.
  • Make sure that whatever assets you’ve accumulated, especially if you’re a little older, are safeguarded the way you want them to be protected. And, if you’re planning to buy a house together, make sure you have everything in order so that if one of you dies, your heirs have an easy time dealing with it.

Statistics in Divorce

[1:10] One in every two marriages ends in divorce. This excludes couples who remain married but are separated from each other because they do not want to split all of their assets. And this does occur, particularly if you have accumulated a significant amount of money later in life. You’re not necessarily willing to give it up.

[1:43] When people marry for the second or third time, that number rises to over 70%.

The traditional way

[2:02] Some of you out there believe that if you fall in love with someone, you should marry them. That’s what people used to do many years ago, and it’s a different generation now. That’s more the baby boomer, silent type, and great generation, and it’s been passed down from family because family tells us that good moral values are marrying. Religion tells us that you must marry if you’re living together.

Millennials and younger

[2:39] Millennials, who make up such a large section of the population nowadays, meet, move in together, have children, and then possibly marry.

Deciding to get married or not

[3:48] Nothing goes wrong when you first start dating someone and are in the early stages of a relationship. You think your relationship is fantastic. However, 90 days, 120 days, and beyond are when people’s true colors, as they say, begin to emerge, and you begin to notice small details about them.

[4:18] Make an effort to spend a significant amount of time with that individual. Travel with them for a while. You may not live with them, but traveling allows you to gain a lot of understanding. Because you’re curious about how they’re doing in a circumstance when everything is going smoothly.

[6:34] Before you continue, make sure that person is someone you love spending time with, not just during the high points of your life, but also during the low points. And if you’re able to deal with that, and you find that accepted, and it’s fine with you and it’s fine with the other party, then go take the punch.

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