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Sparkles Dating App

Welcome to True Love Knots! Today, Maria is going to talk about a special dating application called the Sparkles Dating App. She will share how you can maximize your exposure by being available on different platforms. Stay tuned. 

Standout Quotes:

If you are looking to find love, you need to make sure that you are broadening your horizons. Make sure that you are available on all different platforms. And what I mean by that is because then you’re going to get the maximum exposure. 

Key Takeaways:

If you go out into the world looking for a job, you don’t send your resume to one company. You send your resume to a plethora of companies. The same thing with dating, you need to put yourself out there and start doing activities, going to different social events, meetup events, networking events, and also online. It’s just another area to maximize your exposure.

Episode Timeline:

[00:00] The Sparkles Dating App

[00:50] Love You Every Month

[01:19] Maximizing Your Exposure

[03:31] Be Authentic in what you are looking for in a Relationship

[04:43] What’s unique about the Sparkles Dating App?


Learn more about the Sparkles Dating App:

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