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Start Cultivating a Calm and Stress-Free State of Mind with Maria Romano

When the world around you goes crazy, will you stay sane and hold things together? Life throws chaos at us regularly, we keep on pushing through, surviving on adrenaline. Calmness is key in making progress at work or just solving the basic problems of life that you’re faced with. In this episode of the True Love Knots by Maria Romano, she shares all about how to remain calm under stress, duress or chaos. Don’t miss out! 


Standout Quotes:

  • “My passion and purpose have always been being able to lead and having people I work with that lead with love and kindness and make the right decisions.” 
  • “We all know that life is not stress-free. And every day, there are always challenges.” 
  • “If you want to start having more peace in your life and remaining calm, this is another daily habit you need to implement. And that’s a habit of finding something that helps you remain peaceful and calm.”


Key Takeaways:

  • The body starts to tighten when stressed, and your oxygen level decreases because you take more breaths. You’re breathing rapidly, and your blood pressure goes up.
  • You increase your chances of heart attack, stroke, or diabetes whenever you feel stressed. Your immuno-suppressed system is suppressed.
  • The long-term effect of stress is what you’re doing is you’re shortening your lifespan.
  • Develop and instill discipline in yourself every day and practice remaining calm and distressed, duress and chaos.
  • Identifying what these triggers are, makes a difference. Because once you remember what sets you off, at least you know when that occurs, you can minimize it, you can recognize it.
  • Taking care of yourself is so critical, so vital for you to be able to provide and to be able to give the best of yourself to everyone around you.
  • In order for you to get in alignment with who you are, you have to again, identify what triggers off your stress, what you can implement as a daily habit every day


Episode Timeline:

[1:22] About Marina Romano

[2:31] How To Remain Calm Under Stress, Duress or Chaos

[4:24] What Stress can do to you?

[7:45] Triggers of Stress

[10:32] Practicing How to become distress

[14:38] Self Care and Self Love

[18:28] Summing Up


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