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Timing is Everything

Timing makes or breaks a relationship. Timing largely affects who we end up with. Although the timing is a paramount factor, it is not the only one necessary for a relationship to flourish. In this episode of True Love Knots by Maria Romano, she shares why timing in relationships is important. Stay tuned to learn more!

Standout Quotes:

  • We all know that coming from a loving place is so important because when you come from bitterness. You come from frustration; you don’t get anyplace, you don’t get anywhere.
  • When you have intimacy, don’t spoil that moment. Enjoy that intimate moment. Relish that.
  • We need to learn that the difference between an action and a reaction is hesitation.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you have a serious conversation with your partner, listening and understanding each other is important. 
  • Take a deep breath, count to 10 and try not to have a conversation with someone you don’t feel like you need to be talking to right now.
  • Never try to have a serious conversation right after intimacy because it is a bad idea and puts somebody at a disadvantage.
  • Start to find that right organic moment where you can come from a loving place where you can share your feelings and not show bitterness.

Episode Timeline:

[3:00] Open up with your partner

[3:55] Tips to handle tough conversation

[5:00] Right Timing

[6:01] Organic Moment

[6:26] Wrapping Up

[7:14] Action Versus Reaction


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