Top Reasons to Baptize Your Baby


Baptism is considered an important sacrament, not only within the Catholic Church, but in many other churches as well. After the birth of your baby, requesting baptism for your baby is a request for your child to become a child of God, and in many cases, a member of the church. If you’re considering infant baptism for your child, here are a few of the top reasons to baptize your baby.

Reason #1 – Begin a Journey of Faith

Infants receive baptism as a means to remove original sin and to show that the baby is now a child of God. Even babies are born with a fallen human nature that is tainted by original sin, which is why they need the new birth that comes with baptism. For many faiths, infant baptism is seen as a substitution for circumcision and a part of the new covenant, ensuring that the child receives the grace of becoming a child of God. Essentially, infant baptism is the very beginning of your child’s journey of faith. Many families choose to have their babies baptized to begin enculturating the child into the family’s chosen faith. As your child grows older and continues to grow in the faith, he can look back at his baptism as the beginning of his journey of faith.

Reason #2 – Commit to Raising Your Child in the Faith

Another reason to baptize your baby is to make a public commitment to raising your child in the faith. When you present your child for baptism, you will be taken on certain responsibilities as parents. At baptism, parents agree to bring up their children in the faith, making the commitment to pray for their child, introduce the child to the faith in his early years, and nurture the child’s faith as he grows into adulthood.

Reason #3 – Designate Godparents to Assist in Your Child’s Faith Development

Children need to see examples and teachers of the faith as they grow up, and when you baptize your baby, you have the chance to designate godparents to assist in your child’s faith development. Godparents not only witness the baptism, but they support the parents and help assist in the child’s instruction in the faith. Designating godparents for your child also ensures that you have trusted people of faith to help with faith development if you are unable to care for your child’s spiritual needs in the future.

Baptizing your baby is a very important and personal choice, and there are many excellent reasons to make this decision. If you’re thinking about baptizing your baby, consider talking to your local minister or priest to learn more about the importance of infant baptism and the many benefits it offers you and your child.

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