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Wedding Wednesday tips to make your wedding less stressful

In this episode, Maria Romano will share her wedding tips on making your wedding day less stressful.


The biggest stress producers during your wedding day are your in-laws. You need to remember that “It’s your wedding day.”



The biggest trend for couples today is Mini Ceremonies or Mini-Monies. Why? Because it’s less expensive, less stressful, and it allows you to travel to cities you have never been to, now that everyone has been vaccinated.


“You are a product of the five people that you surround yourself with.” And like a wedding ceremony, surround yourself with 10 people or couples who have been an essential part of your life.



The other trend is the Mini Honeymoons or Mini-Moons. Instead of going on a long trip, do a mini honeymoon.

Planning a Wedding


Maria suggested that you need to find someone who can assist you in planning a smaller event. You pay them, and it makes your life less stressful. You can do a big event later on because your special day is about you and your partner—that’s what you need to focus on for the moment.


You need to please yourselves because it’s the two of you getting married—not your aunt, parents, uncle, or anyone else. You two are making a life together.


Having your wedding ceremony on a weekday would be convenient in terms of venue availability. It would be less expensive for traveling and hotel rooms.

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