Wedding Wednesday - True Love Knots

Wedding Wednesday

In this episode of True Love Knots, Maria Romano shares her insights and tips on what you need to remember before buying a luxurious and ‘ginormous’ wedding dress that could potentially ruin your wedding if it is not planned right!

Ruined Picturesque Scenario


Walking down the aisle accompanied by your family with beautiful flowers and LED lights wafting on the aisle looks picturesque and enchanting. But because of your gigantic wedding gown that expands a couple of feet, your escort needs to lean on the side, and everything starts falling apart.


Take a moment and think. This is your wedding day, and if you want it to be “perfect,” tell your coordinator or planner about the wedding dress you want to wear—everything about it from the size, mechanisms, etc.

Collaborating with the Planner


Let the planner know beforehand. So that you can walk down the aisle without any mishaps and the escorts can escort you nicely.

Turning Dreams into Reality


You want to have that dream turned into reality when you look at the video and pictures of you arriving down the aisle escorted by your family and meeting your partner with nothing on the way to interfere in a picturesque wedding.


Think about your dress, who’s escorting you, and the ceremony’s venue to make the momentous event seamless!

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