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Writing Wedding Vows

In this episode of the True Love Knots Podcast, Maria Romano will discuss how to write your own wedding vows. 

Standout Quotes:

  • “When a couple writes their vows, I think it’s beautiful.” [Maria]
  • “Make sure you’re talking about how you love yourself and your partner as a couple.” [Maria]
  • “Love needs to be felt as you’re reading your vows.” [Maria]
  • “The words from your wedding vows will be embedded in your partner’s heart.” [Maria]

Key Takeaways:

  • Writing vows takes much preparation.
  • A relationship is not about two distinct persons; it is about two people who love each other.
  • Keep your wedding vows short and sweet but mindful and clean. 
  • Practice your wedding vows ahead of time.

Episode Timeline:

[01:16] How to prepare for wedding vows?

[02:00] What to include in your wedding vows?

[05:12] What to do as an officiant?


Learn more about Maria Johnson and the Pikes Peak Pickleball Association at:

Website: https://trueloveknots.com/ 

Email: maria@trueloveknots.com 


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